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Installation guide

1. Replacement hot surface igniters may be provided with bare leads and porcelin wire nuts so that the existing plug can be reused. This is accepted practice, allowing the existing plug to be reused.

2.Please use common sense in servicing any gas appliance, if you are unsure about what you are doing seek an experienced licensed installer or service firm. Some components of gas appliances located in the region of the hot surface igniters can be fragile, if you do not have the appropriate tools please do not proceed.

3. Most persons coming to this site have already had a hot surface igniter replaced by a service technician, after spending over $100 for the typical service call it makes sense to have a spare on hand. Please note the following general conditions"

* Try to avoid touching the igniter surface.

*You cannot bend or reshape a hot surface igniter

*If the hot surface igniter is glowing red hot but the appliance does not fire you should call for professional service. In most cases if the igniter is not glowing there is a failure of the igniter and it is a prudent troubleshooting step to replace it. Some common repair parts for heating appliances are available through our parent company PartsGuy.com.

*If the hot surface igniter is failing prematurely it is most likely not due to faults in the igniter itself, it may be exposed to excessive voltage, the appliance may be operating at too high a temperature, the igniter may be damaged prior to installation.

* A model 271 hot surface igniter can be used to replace a model 201 igniter. The model 201 hot surface igniter heats more quickly than the 271 with no ill effect.

*A model 201 hot surface igniter MAY NOT be used in place of a model 271, this could create a hazardous situation!

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