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True Cost Shipping

PartsGuy (parent company of HotSurfaceIgniters.com) ships using UPS unless the customer dictates otherwise. We charge only the UPS rates in effect for your zone. No handling charges, no packing charges, no hidden charges. If your order weighs five pounds you pay UPS rate for five pounds. That's it!


Returns are a very difficult subject. We feel it's not fair to our customers to accept returns on any electrical components, we'd be in a position of reshipping it to a customer when we didn't know what might have been done with it. Additionally returns are VERY expensive for us to process, we pay a fee to accept your credit card the first time, then another fee to refund money to your credit card, we spent easily 5 times the time dealing with a return as an order. When we've shipped a product to you we normally order stock to replace it within a day or two, so we don't necessarily want additional stock.

So, here's what we've decided.

If we ship you the wrong stuff we'll make it right ASAP at no cost to you.

If you receive a damaged item from us we will replace it ASAP at no cost to you.

If you order the wrong thing and it's something we can resell we'll accept it for credit less a 15% restock fee, no refunds on shipping, we'll be fair, but you have to let us decide if we can accept it. If you order a bunch of stuff and it doesn't work out give us a call, we'll look for a way to make it work.

Ask for Vivian in billing, she tells the rest of us what to do anyway, so why not go right to the "boss". Her email is Viv@PartsGuy.com.

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