Essential Bathroom Remodeling Tips

If you decided to remodel your bathroom and are now looking for some bathroom remodeling ideas, you could be feeling overwhelmed by all the possible choices. As a rule of thumb, we usually opt for bathroom designs that meet our requirements and personal taste perfectly. In this article, we decided to help you out by providing you with 8 essential bathroom remodeling tips you can use for remodeling your bathroom.

8 Essential Bathroom Remodeling Tips

  1. Add Plants To Create A Colorful Environment

Plants can bring much-needed color and vividness into your bathroom. You should also consider adding the floating shelf for giving the trailing plants a comfortable home of their own.

  1. Pick The Suitable Flooring

Speaking from a practical standpoint, a solid wood floor is not the best kind of flooring material you should use for a bathroom. Instead, you should choose the flooring that is robust enough so that it can last much longer than regular flooring while maintaining its quality. Some of the bathroom flooring favorites of many people include porcelain and ceramic tile, vinyl tiles, sheet vinyl flooring as well as the luxury vinyl plank.

  1. Consider Adjusting Room Size With Color

In order to make the small bathroom look bigger, ensure that the color palette stays in a light-or-white color spectrum. Darker colors may make a room seem smaller and claustrophobic, so avoid using them. Also, use light-colored or white fixtures (i.e. bathtub and toilet). Moreover, always think twice before painting the bathroom ceiling any of the colors but off-white or white as this may shrink a room down even more.


  1. Carefully Choose Bathroom Lighting

In the room where individuals need to visually inspect both their faces and hair, lighting is typically dim and concentrated in just one spot; the ceiling fixture. Consider adding lighting around a bathroom mirror in a form of sconces. Make sure that it is not a blinding light though. A simple device that might add mood to the bathroom is the dimmer switch. It is also great for late-night relaxing baths.

  1. Make Sure To Add Freestanding Pieces

If you have enough space, you should have at least one freestanding piece like a cupboard or decorative chair as the design element. In order to compensate for that specific space, you should recess other practical elements like clothes hampers. Or in another case, you can simply move a hamper to another room. The decorative pieces can also be practical; you can use them as places for storing soaps, towels, or any other small items.

  1. Create More Opportunities For Hanging Items

Hooks can be the easiest way for adding surface area to the bathroom without actually adding the real countertop surface area. You can use them for clothes, bathrobes, towels, and many other things. Usually, it’s best to place the hooks on unused sections of the walls or on the back of a door.vách ngăn vệ sinh seperate ”urine-get out” place is light and nice design

  1. Add More Mirrors In Your Bathroom

Many people think that the mirror in a bathroom has only a few purposes; to check makeup or primp hair. But a mirror can do much more than that; you can use it as the design element that expands a room visually while adding light to it. You should consider adding at least one additional mirror in your bathroom; the second mirror can give the room a fresh look.

  1. Think About Accessibility And Functionality

While you are in the process of remodeling the bathroom, you need to make sure that it is accessible and functional. However, accessibility and functionality don’t necessarily mean you have to add grab rails today. Rather, it means adding blocking behind drywall for supporting grab rails in the future. Also, a walk-in, curbless shower can be a great option as well that provides an additional benefit of being accessible. In short, from wet-room designs to slip-resistant tiles, considering accessibility and functionality while remodeling the bathroom is a simple as well as proactive step you should take.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are more than enough great bathroom remodeling tips you can choose from. All you should do now is to carefully consider all the options while making sure they meet your needs, requirements as well as personal taste. If you do this, remodeling your bathroom will be an easy task to accomplish.

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